Zsolt Hlinka: 100 Year Old Houses

The location of the series are hundred year old buildings of Nagykörút which are completely reinterpreted by the chosen perspective,

Elizaveta Porodina: Eikon

Take a look at a beautifully crafted photo session by Elizaveta Porodina for OE Magazine. Elizaveta Porodina is a fashion photographer

Alessandra Kila & Philip Rusharc: The Impossibility of Love

In the series ‘The Impossibility of Love’ Kila & Rusharc embark on a conceptual journey venturing through fantastical terrains searching

Frank Herfort: Time In Between

The whole world is frozen in a condition of waiting. The people on these photos seem to be totally absorbed

Jennifer Garza-Cuen: Detroit

Jennifer Garza-Cuen is an artist concerned with the complex weave of social structures, with groups and sub-groups and the continued

Reuben Wu: Lux Noctis

Lux Nocti is a series of photographs depicting landscapes of North America within the framework of traditional landscape photography but influenced

Pawel Nolbert: Constructed

Pawel Nolbert is an independent artist, illustrator & designer currently working from his studio in Warsaw. During the past decade he gained experience creating

Bernhard Lang: Densely Populated Beaches From Above

Munich based photographer Bernhard Lang created series of aerial photographs of seaside resorts at the Adriatic coastline in Italy, between Ravenna

Alexander Yakovlev: Dynamic Dancers Portraits

Moscow based pstudio photographer Alexander Yakovlev created series of dynamic portraits of dancers in motion. He uses natural dancers movement, perfectly

Adrian & Gidi: Snacks in Amsterdam

Adrian & Gidi represents the collaborative work of Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen, a young photography duo based in