Goran Bertok: Survivors

One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic. – Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin Wars, states of emergency and continuing

Patrick Tourneboeuf: Monolith

The project named Monolith is part of my ongoing focus on the marks and stigmata of history as seen today

Zeren Badar: Accident Series

Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it. – Jasper Johns I’m hugely influenced by dada

Adam Friedberg: Single Story

The last fifteen years or so have seen an enormous increase in the development and construction of new buildings in

Thomas Hobbs: Maravilla del Mundo

Iquitos, Peru is a city of approximately half a million people located on the Amazon river. Its only accesses are

Debmalya Ray Choudhuri: A Different World

This work is an extensive long-term research oriented work on the wastelands of major urban cities in a developing country

Zhou Han Shun: Frenetic City

About his Hong Kong project entitled “Frenetic City” Chinese photographer Zhou Han Shun says: Frenetic City is an exploration of this complicated

Luca Tombolini: Landscapes

The dawn of mankind, a time with no rationality. An ancestor contemplating the cosmos perceives the necessity of a divinity.

Anna Filipova: Arcitc Coal

Svalbard is a cold, dark and isolated island in the Arctic Ocean, situated about midway between continental Norway and the

Michel Le Belhomme: The Two Labyrinths

While I hold a great respect for classical traditions of photography, I believe it is indispensable to place them in