Maurice Ressel: Faces of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is ranking first on the list of the world’s most lethal contagious diseases. It is being transmitted through droplet

Janne Riikonen: When Everything Comes Together But Nothing Makes Sense

When Everything Comes Together But Nothing Makes Sense is an ethnographic study into graffiti culture in Sweden with means of

Tamina-Florentine Zuch: Gür Orman – A Thick Forest

The Türkish Province of Istanbul is made up of 44% woodland. Over 2,500 naturally-occuring plant forms are to be found

Michael Foxington: Love is Wet

The love is wet series uses bright vivid colours and the changing of objects materials to show dark and humorous

Duy Phuong: Volatile States

All around us, our landscape is changing. As globalization casts its spores across Vietnam, the cities face the threat of

Benedetta Ristori: Lay Off

In recent times many states have proceeded with a reshaping of working, intensifying the pace to cope with economic crisis

Jalal Shamsazaran: The Story of People Who Will no Longer Have a Lake

Urmia Lake, located in the northwestern Iran was the second largest salt lake in the world and the largest in

Diego Brambilla: My First Dream

Diego Brambilla combines photography, sculpture and DIY in a multi-disciplinary practice that has ambiguity in its core. His work balances

Marcin Ryczek: Simple World

Simple World is a series of minimalistic and conceptual photographs which refer to symbolism. The minimum of the form and

Marylise Vigneau – Trouble in Paradise / Havana / Cuba

In Havana time is an unavoidable character . Destructive or facetious, sardonic or nostalgic, political or imaginary, irreverent in any