Portrait of Hope, is a series of 10 portraits of crack addicted men and women, they live in the Favela da Maré, one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest Favelas, dominated by drug traffickers, factional warfare, and military police are On the spot, crack sales are a major source of income

Says Aleksey: The town of Nikel is one of the numerous single-industry towns in modern Russia. It is located in the North-Western part of the Kola Peninsula, 123 km North-West of Murmansk and a few kilometers from the Norwegian border. It was founded by Finnish companies in 1935 for the

Says Dylan: The preface to Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray is a series of aphorisms about art and beauty, including the declaration that “all art is at once surface and symbol.” If all art is at once surface and symbol, I create symbolic surfaces. Through the use of

Says Li: Surveillance system is the observer of the city, but citizens who are observed seldom look the cameras face to face. If we take the surveillance system as a creature, then the camera must be the face of it, being the area that is equipped with the most front-end

Dry the clothes have initially been the most common thing in daily life. Walk around Hong Kong’s public housing blocks and old tenement buildings today, and it quickly becomes clear that many residents still hang their clothes outside to dry. Now, as housing prices grow ever more expensive per square


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Says Gokce: In Egg yolk series, I wanted to play with figures, textures, and shapes freely in a way that

Says Sebastián: In the summer of 2019 I set out on a cargo ferry from Punta Arenas to Wulla, the

Says Roman: Depression is one of the most common mental disorders and more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from

Mountainous Adjara is one of the most distinguished regions of Georgia. The traditions and the old ways of life have

Says Igor: The series is titled after the Augsburg Book of Miracles, a 16th century German illustrated manuscript listing the

South Korea, Jeju island, known for its characteristic basalt volcanic rock, sits off South Korea. It is the home of


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We are delighted to announce the Winners of our 2019 International Photography Grant! International Photography Grant awards $1000 annually to

Says Michele: Monte Terminillo is a massif in the Monti Reatini, part of the Apennine range in central Italy. It


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In Russia, people have a lot of prejudice towards people with mental disorders. They are not considered full-fledged people with

Blooming flowers are in the most unstable position in the course of life’s activities that repeat life and death. It


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Photochroms of Paris (1890s – 1900s)

Late in the 19th century, Paris hosted two major international expositions: the 1889 Universal Exposition, was held to mark the


Apollo 1 Mission (1966-1967)

Apollo 1, initially designated AS-204, was the first manned mission of the United States Apollo program, which had as its