Says Arseniy: This is an ongoing project that I started two years ago. I called it Prozac after a famous antidepressant prescribed for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Most people, including myself, suffer from depression every so often. I have tried taking medication in the past but they didn’t

Skin Deep is a portrait series that seeks to understand the impacts tattoos have on former gang members and people trying to escape the gang life. How we as a society judge ex-gang members with tattoos and ultimately how they judge themselves. Portraits are taken off the participants and their

Says Gianfilippo: Urban Landscape is a project that I have been carrying out for about 3 years. It arises from the need to find new ideas in the composition and architecture of the city of Los Angeles. In the megalopolis of over 10 million people the challenge is to find

We see and we believe – despite knowing about possible manipulations. Almost since the beginning of photography, photographers use the power of the medium to draw attention to grievances and injustices while others try to abuse this weapon for their own interests. The series”Semjase’s Friend” plays with this inherent indexical

Says Arvids: Winter in the Northern hemisphere is associated not only with cold, but also with darkness that dominates the half of the year. And with the lack of sunshine come the psychological struggles such as the so-called winter depression because the human body is not adapted to this kind


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Says Marcela: Bazuko is a classic portraits series that aims to document the world of drug addicts in Medellin-Colombia. The

In today’s society of social networks these thoughts tempt millions of people whose ambition to turn their personal appearance into

Says Natalie: Phantasmagoria is about the failure of the human intellect to make sense not only of the world, but

Says Stephanie: The work is the realization of an age-old dream — to roam about remote bits of North America

After more than half a century of armed conflict, landmines and other artisanal explosives continue to prevail in Colombia. The

This project focuses on the space of light. Its main subject is the modernism of Soviet Union architecture. This kind


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We are delighted to announce the Winners of our 2019 International Photography Grant! International Photography Grant awards $1000 annually to

Says Michele: Monte Terminillo is a massif in the Monti Reatini, part of the Apennine range in central Italy. It


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In Russia, people have a lot of prejudice towards people with mental disorders. They are not considered full-fledged people with

Blooming flowers are in the most unstable position in the course of life’s activities that repeat life and death. It


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Photochroms of Paris (1890s – 1900s)

Late in the 19th century, Paris hosted two major international expositions: the 1889 Universal Exposition, was held to mark the


Apollo 1 Mission (1966-1967)

Apollo 1, initially designated AS-204, was the first manned mission of the United States Apollo program, which had as its