Biljana Jurukovski: Painted Souls

Macedonian-Australian photographer Biljana Jurukovski has been fascinated by different cultures since childhood. For the past five years, she has focused

Kyle Kim: The Foggy Night

The Foggy Night is a film-based series of fine art color landscape photographs that were inspired by New Topographics and

Annick Donkers: Un-identified

UN-IDENTIFIED is an ongoing series about the belief in alien species and how people construct their own world and perceptions.

Roberto Chierichini: Moths

No matter how hard they try to oppose, they will always be attracted to light. The moths, nocturnal animals, wandering,

Tobin Jones: Demographica

The image of Kenya tends to be one of nomadic tribes dressed in red and adorned with beads, but the

Santanu Dey: The Lost Legacy

Beginning of seventeenth-century the British East India Company arrived in India later they begin to rule India. So there was

Anna Cherednikova: Unwanted

This work is a part of a long term research project, which questions the idea of an invasive plant and

Julia Gunther: The Black Mambas

The Black Mambas are an almost exclusively female anti poaching unit which operates, unarmed, in Balule Nature Reserve, near Kruger

Roman Demyanenko: Vorkuta

Vorkuta is situated in permafrost zone, 150 km from the Arctic Circle, only 180 km from the Arctic Ocean coastline,

Daniel Castonguay: Quotidian Life

Says Daniel: The quotidian life is more or less the same for all with a few variations. A part of