Schore Mehrdju: The Second

The Second is a project about the increasing number of polygynous marriages in Tajikistan. Polygyny is a patriarchal practice which

Massimiliano Gatti: Le Nuvole (Clouds)

Le Nuvole (Clouds) is a photographic project based on a reflection about the relationship between historical memory and the present,

Masato Ninomiya: Wintertag

Says Masato: The Wintertag (winter day) series is one of the winter landscapes in Japan. This series is an ongoing

Nadia Vuilleumier: There Was Someone, There Was No One

This photographic long-term ongoing project invites you to discover the work of a Swiss photographer living in Southern Iran, fascinated

Svetlin Yosifov: Mursi People

Mursi People is a series of photos that were taken during my visit to Ethiopia and are part of the

Jorge López Muñoz: EL CLOT

“I didn’t know why I was photographing gypsies, but I did know that I was building something and that I

Luciano Freaza: Esquizotopia

Says Luciano: Utopia, dystopia, atopia, heterotopia… I decided to coin my own fancy word inspired by Foucault’s concept of heterotopia

Snezhana von Buedingen: Meeting Sofie

Says Snezhana: I got to know Sofie, 19 jars old girl with Down Syndrom, in the autumn of 2017. She’d

Egor Kirillov: Melting Cities

Murmansk is the largest city in the polar circle. 310 thousand people lived there in 1971. In 20 years the

Ugo Woatzi: Chameleon

Chameleon is a photo essay about visibility and stands as a conversation between masculinities and spaces. Looking beyond heteronormative confines