Erin Lee: Este Lado / This Side

Este Lado is a collaborative project with residents from various cities between Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez along the northern border

Marie France L’Ecuyer: VETERANS – Life After The Forces

Each year, more than 1,500 military personnel are released from the Canadian Armed Forces. Nearly a quarter of these Veterans

Florian Langellier: Abyss

Seeking to overtake the limits of space, time and borders, these photographs stay away from the events to reach a

Selim Korycki: The Waning Crescent. Lipka Tatars in Poland.

Says Selim: The story I am telling is about migration, assimilation and peaceful coexistence. It is a story about remaining

Lorenzo Valloriani: Unconscious Tuscany

Unconscious Tuscany is a documentary ongoing project about an hidden side of Tuscany: the real everyday landscape made of countryside

Federica Landi: Crisalide

Says Federica: Crisalide is a project developed during Humus Interdisciplinary Residence and aims to investigates the processes of memory and

Joel Jimenez: When the Dust Settles

There is a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the landscape, continually evolving, changing and influencing one another; this thought is

Ana Vallejo: Entre Nubes

Entre Nubes is a sensory and artistic exploration of San Germán, an illegal settlement in southeast Bogotá, and about the

Cassandra Klos: Mars on Earth

We are inundated with information about the cosmos, whether it is the appearance of water on a different planet or

Khashayar Javanmardi: To Leave, Or Not To Leave

Inspired by the renowned Shakespearean inquiry, this project considers immigration as a vessel that leads the subject to the possibility