Qingjian Meng: Gold Rush

Qingjian Meng began his photography career working along side top fashion photographers in NYC in editorial and fine art shoots for

PJ Reptilehouse: Kaleidoscopic Images

PJ Reptilehouse’s photographs explore the spectra of light and dark, figurative and abstract, simple and complex. Capturing the human form

Philipp Lohöfener: Atlanticwall

Philipp Lohöfener was born in 1974 in Bielefeld, Germany. 1998-2006 he studied Photography & Design on University of applied Science (Bielefeld/

Mitja Kobal: The Island

Mitja Kobal is an independent professional photographer working in several fields of photography. Among others very humble and happy to

Hiroo Fujitani: The Lyric Poetry to a Cat

Says Hiroo: “I explore shooting a cat for capturing a moment like with lyric, emotional or an arresting sight on this

Evelyn Bencicova: Faceless

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova (4.12.1992) is 23 years old visual creative working mostly with digital photography. Grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia

Pete Hollow: Duo-Chromatics

Pete Hollow was born on Texel, the biggest Wadden island- situated in the north of the Netherlands. Inspired and intrigued he

Tom Nagy: Lost Animals

Born in Germany, Tom Nagy was introduced to the world of photography at the young age of 15 when his father

Julieanne Kost: Still Life

Julieanne Kost has been recognized for her outstanding service and contributions to the professional photographic industry, winning the Gerhard Bakker Award

Gustav Willeit: PERSPE

In the series PERSPE Gustav Willeit creates a parallel universe, showing an environment, which appears real but was actually invented.