Benoit Paillé: Alternative Landscapes

Benoit Paille is self taught photographer based Montreal, Canada. With his growing number of likes in the digital world, we can really

Jean Yves Lemoigne: Urban Legends

Jean-Yves Lemoigne is a french photographer living between New-York and Paris.  He works with the top creatives agencies in the

Bence Bakonyi: Segue

The photographic works of Bence Bakonyi represent the symbols of freedom, airiness and transubstantiation. Below their contemporary and young aesthetics,

Francoise Gaujour: Stay Alive

In the 1950s and ’60s, Bombay Beach in California was a thriving resort. Guests swam, water-skied, and golfed during the

Kevin Krautgartner: Black and White Architecture Photography

Kevin Krautgartner was born 1988 in Schwelm, Germany. He graduated from University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund with a degree in photography

Fabian Oefner: Oil Spill

Fabian Oefner is an internationally renowned artist, who uses photography to bring art and science together. His projects are often

Marta Kochanek: Cognitive Bodies

Marta Kochanek: Cognitive Bodies

The aim of the project was to capture a very sensual collaboration of the human’s body and extreme emotions that expresses

Ilya Nodia: Smile

Ilya Nodia is advertising and portrait photographer based Moscor, Russian Federation. In Smile project Ilya shows beautiful and touching photoshooting

Matthieu Gafsou: Terres Compromises

The full body of pictures that makes up Terres Compromises is rich in subtlety, curiosity and a wry and unabashed

Ulric Collette: Genetic Portraits

Ulric Collette: Genetic Portraits

Born in 1979, Ulric Collette, self-taught photographer, studied art and graphic design in Quebec city in the late 90s and