Francesca Cirilli: As a Fallen Apartment Building

In the middle of Berlin, as the wall felt down, many empty buildings and wastelands along its former path were

David Arribas: Yearning

I grow up listening a punk and rock music. For this reason I decided to create a photographical project about

Katia Repina & Luca Aimi: I Don´t Need To Know You

I believe there is a lot of darkness, but in a romantic meaning of darkness. What is hiding there in

Shengelia Giorgi: Homeless

Because of 25 year long conflict situation in Georgia, 65% of the population is under poverty level. Internally displaced persons,

Felipe Abreu: Mountains Inside Us

Felipe Abreu started photographing during his undergrad studies in cinema, at the University of São Paulo. Since then photography has

Kamil Sleszynski: Lost Place

The Catholic Centre for Education and Addiction Therapy Metanoia exists since 2000. The facility helps young people addicted to drugs

Denis Esakov: This is Not a Tower

The story is old: iconic objects crumble into dust or, at best, provide a suitable background for selfies. One dramatic

Goran Bertok: Survivors

One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic. – Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin Wars, states of emergency and continuing

Patrick Tourneboeuf: Monolith

The project named Monolith is part of my ongoing focus on the marks and stigmata of history as seen today

Zeren Badar: Accident Series

Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it. – Jasper Johns I’m hugely influenced by dada