Jalal Shamsazaran: Without Hamoun

Hamoun has been dried and the wind blows everywhere. These days, Iranian people are dealing with environmental and economic problems.

Lucas O’Neil: The Underground

The Underground is a project in documenting Boston’s independent music community created by the young crowd, hosted in their countless

Marcos Goymil: The Metric and The Tear

Through a series of images, this project presents an imaginary return journey to places and objects that we can never

Jayanta Roy: Silent Loneliness of Changthang

Silent Loneliness of Changthang is an exploration of Indias Last wildness, located in Ladakh’s Changthang plateau, which is a small

Nicola Mazzuia: Nordest Graffiti

The social forum era is swallowing lives and spewing endless montages of homogenous highlights, emotional scenes and climax. Everything lying

Ece Gökalp: A Mountain As Many

A Mountain As Many is a research project on Mount Ağrı and its spectators. It focuses on the ways in

Natela Grigalashvili: Life of Georgian Nomads

Mountainous Adjara is one of the most distinguished regions of Georgia. The traditions and the old ways of life have

Matteo Redaelli: Stream and Consciousness

This project aim to show the connection between glaciers and the importances they have to shape the landscape. Glaciers nowadays

Moe Zoyari: Parallel Lives

By day, Tony spends time working as a restaurant manager in Hamburger Mary’s in Chicago, Illinois. Openly gay, this man

Massimiliano Maddalena: The Double Identity of the Corner

The idea comes from the thought of the word “angolo” in Italian (and corner in English) that it is used