Camille Gharbi: A Place to Live

Those pictures were taken over spring 2016 in what was called the Calais Jungle. They display some of the constructions

Alfonso De Gregorio: Selenite

Says Alfonso: I have built a filter made of selenite – crystalline mineral gypsum – and used it to document

Ronghui Chen: Freezing Land

Says Ronghui: My project Freezing Land is a series of photos made, on the road, across northeastern China’s countryside that

Olga Kulaga: The Lost Town

In the 1930-es in USSR most Mologa-Sheksna interfluve area got caught in a flowage during the construction of the Rybinsk

Jennifer Loeber: GYRLE

“In my mind, my own self-image, is the picture of Jennifer and some of the other girls I knew and

Alessandro Gallo: With the Best of Intentions

Dozens of incomplete or uninhabited buildings stand guards of the village – Cagnano Varano – suspended between the sea, the

Kaitlyn Danielson: Of Breath And Dust

The breath is our life source; its’ cycle resembling a miniature life and death, appearing and disappearing in a constant,

Kati Bruder: WE – THE REST OF US

Says Kati: Inspired by Beltempo’s text, I initiated several visits to housing communities, searching for the relationship between social connectivity

Marica Kolcheva: Meteorologica

Says Marica: By hybridizing documentary and fictional narrative strategies, I investigate the relationship between modern meteorological science and weather modification

Michał Konrad: Birds and People

Birds are like humans, and people are like birds. They are smart and stupid. They are nice and ugly. They