Gianfilippo De Rossi: Urban Landscape

Says Gianfilippo: Urban Landscape is a project that I have been carrying out for about 3 years. It arises from

Silas Bahr: Semjase’s Friend

We see and we believe – despite knowing about possible manipulations. Almost since the beginning of photography, photographers use the

Arvids Baranovs: Darkness/Light

Says Arvids: Winter in the Northern hemisphere is associated not only with cold, but also with darkness that dominates the

Marcela Barrios Hernandez: Bazuko

Says Marcela: Bazuko is a classic portraits series that aims to document the world of drug addicts in Medellin-Colombia. The

David Arribas: Jaula

In today’s society of social networks these thoughts tempt millions of people whose ambition to turn their personal appearance into

Natalie Arriola: Phantasmagoria

Says Natalie: Phantasmagoria is about the failure of the human intellect to make sense not only of the world, but

Stephanie Foden: RV Diaries

Says Stephanie: The work is the realization of an age-old dream — to roam about remote bits of North America

Alexis Aubin: Face Shields

After more than half a century of armed conflict, landmines and other artisanal explosives continue to prevail in Colombia. The

Dimitri Bogachuk: Space Of Light

This project focuses on the space of light. Its main subject is the modernism of Soviet Union architecture. This kind

Javier Arcenillas: Latidoamerica

Sociological essay of Violence in Latin America, the most violent zone in the world in its most dramatic and miserable.