Karol Palka: Edifice

Edifice is a visual journey back to a time most people would like to forget. Karol Pałka documents buildings that

Gabriela Iancu: Experiences from the Outside World

Experiences from the Outside World is a photographic still-life study that investigates the symphonic aliveness and the fragile interconnectedness of

Nicola Muirhead: The Last Place On Earth

‘The Last Place on Earth’ is a multi-chaptered narrative that seeks to explore the complex identities and cultural inheritance of

Will Harris: Evelyn Beckett

About his project says Will: In this work I confront the complexities of my Nana, Evelyn Beckett’s dementia, by fabricating

Simone Mizzotti: Ningbo Polytechnic

[…] Zhu Jian moves as if he was afraid of going wrong; has been in Ningbo for two years, before

Ulrike Hannemann: The Palace – Then and Now

The Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam was designed by Ngô Viết Thụ as a synthesis of classical

Liliana Merizalde: Inner Disruptions

Inner Disruptions is a project with indigenous women from different communities and ethnic groups of the department of Vaupés, in

Agnieszka Gotowała: Crystal Abyss

Says Agnieszka: “Crystal Abyss” is long-term visual art project. I have realized it between the years 2017-2019. During this time

Schore Mehrdju: The Second

The Second is a project about the increasing number of polygynous marriages in Tajikistan. Polygyny is a patriarchal practice which

Massimiliano Gatti: Le Nuvole (Clouds)

Le Nuvole (Clouds) is a photographic project based on a reflection about the relationship between historical memory and the present,