Diego Fabro: Breeze and Ashes

Says Diego: Dark, dusty and quiet. Memories of my parent’s farm as a child. Set in the middle of the

Ioustini Drakoulakou: Inertia

Says Ioustini: According to Newton’s First Law, an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays

Lola Martinez: Severe Draught in Spain

Says Lola: The severe draught in this reservoir has made aware of the dangerous situation of water privation we are

Arseniy Neskhodimov: Self Care

Says Arseniy: I was born with a big wide nose and around age of 12 I started to be ashamed

Paolo Iommelli: Inside the Landscape

The unrepeatable architecture urban of the Sassi of Matera tells the ability of man to adapt perfectly to the environment

Frang Dushaj: Will o’ the Wisp

Says Frang: Imagine growing up in a place and time where the way life was lived in many aspects was

Vlad Dokshin: Living with HIV in Siberia

Says Vlad: Every hour in Russia, 10 people become infected with HIV. Today, our country ranks third in the world

Matthieu Litt: Tidal Horizon

Text by Darren Campion. If today we are more familiar than ever with the large-scale cycles and processes of the

Ioanna Natsikou: Filter Object Series

Filter Object Series question our stereotypical perceptions of the female representation. Drawing a thin line between the familiar and the

Guillaume Hebert: Updated Landscape

This series of a hybrid genre combines pieces of modern landscapes with, in the background, landscapes that come from old