Tatiana Bondareva: Boys

Boys from 14 to 18 years old who committed various crimes including hooliganism, rape and murder serve their sentences in

Tata Gorian: Copypaste

‘Copypaste’ is an observation of the ways in which the human living in a technocratic world continues recreating nature inside

Margarita Khatmullina: Injury

Says Margarita: At the end of winter, I broke my arm. A fracture of the hand was difficult, I was offered to

Tom Finke: Spaces Between

About Spaces Between says Tom: The concept and construction of personal space is highly variable, both individually and culturally. I

Alessio Cabras: Euclyptus

Says Alessio: Like a foreign object, like a no fruit tree that comes from afar. A plant that grows up with

Betty Bogaert: The Howling Mountain

Says Betty: A Sunday in February in the local newspaper, the wolf is on the cover. In Savoy, the growing

Luther Gerlach: Thomas Fire Burn

The 2017 Thomas Fire is the largest in California history, an extreme example of an increasingly powerful destructive and creative

Milad Karamooz: Hall of Mirrors

That we are not as beautiful as we ought to be in photographs is not a sign of the images

Andrii Dostliev: Fairy Castles of Donetsk

Says Andrii: Remember how in the nineties we had cockroaches at home, and when you lit the stove the floor

Jordanna Kalman: Little Romances

Says Jordanna: When considered as an object the photograph exists physically in the world, it belongs to someone; it gets