Vesa Pihanurmi: Skate Calligraphy

Says Vesa : Skate Calligraphy is a series of abstract images that I’ve created by photographing tracks of ice skaters

Raffaele Petralla: Cosmodrome – Waste From The Sky

On the border with the Arctic Circle. Far north of Russia. 300 km from Arkhangelsk. Restricted area. Here Inhabitants –

Valentyn Odnoviun: The Process

The project presents photographs that depicts pieces of discarded photo paper which were found in the former KGB “Patarei” prison

Sergey Nazarov: Against

A new surge of protest activity covered almost all regions of Russia in 2017. The number of participants in protest

Emmanuel Monzon: Urban Sprawl – Emptiness

Says Emmanuel: I like to play/’mix’ two approaches: The codes of the new topographics and the concept of “in between-two

Joanna Mrowka: Broniszow, Far From The City

This is ongoing project. Broniszów, a small post-farmer village in the Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland. The public bus doesn’t run there

Marie Mons: Aurore Colbert

Marie Mons spent three winter months in a small village in the eastern fjords of Iceland, where she became Aurore.

Venetia Menzies: 21st Century Bedouin

’21st Century Bedouin’ is a documentary project that explores how nomadic life in Algeria has been radically transformed over the

Sébastien Michaud: Supermarket Landscape

Says Sébastien: The photographs which make up the Supermarket Landscape are non-other than the snow banks which can be found

Claudio Menna: Life, Death And Miracles

Rione Sanità is a popular and historical district of Naples located inside the city belly, known by most for the