Ioanna Natsikou: Interlude In Blue

An Interlude In Blue is a body of work that portrays the female figure in personal spaces enclosed in a

Katarzyna & Marianne Wasowska: Waiting for the Snow

Originally from Gdynia, Poland’s main port, our story is marked by migration. Like many polish families which spread around the

Fernando Montiel Klint: Dystopia

Dystopia refers to an anti-utopia, where the promise of modernity to improve the quality of life of man happens to

Michele Vittori: Telepath

At the beginning of the 60s the first civilian telecommunications space station in Italy was inaugurated in the Fucino plain,

Kathleen Meier: Huis Clos

The series Huis Clos confronts us to a suggestive confinement. What happens in us when we are faced into a

Filippo Valoti Alebardi: Land of Gold

Magadan Oblast is one of major gold mining regions in Russia. More known like Kolyma this region is situated in

Jennifer Loeber: VERHEXEN

“Unruly women are always witches, no matter what century we’re in.” -Roxanne Gay VERHEXEN is a visual examination of The

Riel Sturchio: Chasing Light

Chasing Light is an ongoing (circa 2011) collaborative medium format color film photography project between twin siblings Bianca and riel

Jim Kazanjian: Anomalies

Says Jim: My images are digitally generated composites built from public domain photographs found online. Through a palimpsest-like layering process

Vladimir Seleznev: Oseyev

Oseyev is the abandoned city in Russian Federation. It was designed as an innovative housing cluster based on the concept