Joel Jimenez: When the Dust Settles

There is a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the landscape, continually evolving, changing and influencing one another; this thought is

Ana Vallejo: Entre Nubes

Entre Nubes is a sensory and artistic exploration of San Germán, an illegal settlement in southeast Bogotá, and about the

Cassandra Klos: Mars on Earth

We are inundated with information about the cosmos, whether it is the appearance of water on a different planet or

Khashayar Javanmardi: To Leave, Or Not To Leave

Inspired by the renowned Shakespearean inquiry, this project considers immigration as a vessel that leads the subject to the possibility

Andreas Tschersich: Peripher

Says Andreas: The eponymous ‘peripher’ functions in my works as a structural, aesthetic and mental moment. It refers to places

Karen Khachaturov: Grandpa

This new series of young Armenian photographer Karen Khachaturov , both amusing and moving , illustrates his grandfather’s fight against

Vytautas Jankulskas: Raised In Chaos

Indonesia has one of the biggest and most active punk community in the world. Punk movement in Indonesia started in

Evgeniy Stepanets: Green City

Says Evgeniy: The Green City is my ongoing project, in which I explore the rapid urbanization of Kiev and the

Nasos Karabelas: Deformed Bodies

This series is the attempt to understand the functioning of sensations. To explorate the space of emotions and the interaction

China Hopson: Zweier Pack

Says China: This series shows skateboarder right after they step off their board. A feeling of freedom, exhaustion, pain and