Osheen Harruthoonyan: A Circle of Bluebirds

A Circle of Bluebirds re-imagines the history of the artist’s family in Armenia and Italy through three different lenses: a

Nanna Heitmann: Gone From The Window – The End Of An Era

Coal mining enabled Germany‘s participation in the industrial revolution and contributed to the German ‘Wirtschaftswunder‘ after World War II; resulting

Ghazal Sheei: Everything Must Go

Los Angeles, CA attracts millions of tourists each year, and its proximity to numerous attractions in Southern California make it

Barbara Rossi: Changing Landscape

Changing Landscape is a photographic research about landscape transfromations and urbanization along the Red Sea coast of Egypt. Says Barbara:

Antonio Guerra: Comporta-miento Para un Simulacro

The first explorers and mountaineers like Windham or Burnet, were not able to describe in detail or give an idea

Gustavo Gusmão: Limbus

”Limbus” which means margin, edge, border, fringe. With this origin, the connotation of limbo is a state of being neglected,

Jalal Shamsazaran: Without Hamoun

Hamoun has been dried and the wind blows everywhere. These days, Iranian people are dealing with environmental and economic problems.

Lucas O’Neil: The Underground

The Underground is a project in documenting Boston’s independent music community created by the young crowd, hosted in their countless

Marcos Goymil: The Metric and The Tear

Through a series of images, this project presents an imaginary return journey to places and objects that we can never

Jayanta Roy: Silent Loneliness of Changthang

Silent Loneliness of Changthang is an exploration of Indias Last wildness, located in Ladakh’s Changthang plateau, which is a small