Michele Palazzo: Cuba

Timeworn but magnificent, dilapidated but dignified, fun yet maddeningly frustrating – Cuba is a country of indefinable magic. Cuba is

Anne-Sophie Guillet: Inner Self

Anne-Sophie Guillet pays special attention to the randomicity of daily commutes, to androgynous looking people of an indistinct gender. Far

Ryan Debolski: LIKE

LIKE explores the physical and digital relationships of the migrant workers who build the infrastructure of Oman, a rapidly modernizing

Miguel Brusch: The Black Pool

Blackpool on England‘s northwest coast is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK. But despite an increasing

Natalia Dana: Tzniut

“Tzniut means modesty, dignity, demureness. It is the way to embellish the human being, hiding what only in intimacy shall

Batuhan Keskiner: Wonderland

This series includes the artist’s nighttime photographs taken in a small suburb in Norway for six months. The town is

Philippe Braquenier: Earth Not a Globe

The continents float on an endless ocean which somehow has a layer of rock and fire underneath it. Earth is

Julia Bezhanova: Disintegration

Reflecting on the themes of motherhood and bodily fatigue, Julia created a series of works of self-portraits called “disintegration”. For

Arseniy Neskhodimov: Prozac

Says Arseniy: This is an ongoing project that I started two years ago. I called it Prozac after a famous

Steven Burton: Skin Deep – Looking Beyond the Tattoos

Skin Deep is a portrait series that seeks to understand the impacts tattoos have on former gang members and people