María Abenia: Ulises

Says Maria: Ulises is the result of a selection of photographs taken during 2013 and 2018 in my trips to

Milan Sachs: All the Bricks are Wood

“All the Bricks are Wood,” shot on 35mm film, is a depiction of my obsession to reveal a non-fictional Los

Ruben Salgado Escudero: Solar Portraits

The International Energy Agency estimates that roughly 1.1 billion people in the world still live without access to electricity. In

Nicholas Constant: Firn

Firn is the Swiss-German word for a type of snow in between snow and ice. This is an analogy for

Francisco Ibáñez: Non-Structures

The series ‘Non-Structures’ presents London – and cities in general – as a spectacle of constant conflict, negotiation and flux.

Francesca Catastini: Petrus

Petrus reflects on a certain rhetoric of masculinity in Western culture. It is about the human drive to define ourselves

Susana Girón: 90 Varas

The Alarcon family is one of the last families who still work as nomadic shepherds in Spain and Europe. In

Rebecca Moseman: The Irish Travelers

The Irish Travelers are an insular ethnic group that has lived on the fringes of mainstream Irish society for centuries.

Pio De Rose: Out of the Blue

Says Pio: “Out of the Blue” portrays the secret encounters of two lovers destined to be together and yet cursed

Elliott Verdier: A Shaded Path

This is the story of a former Soviet republic landlocked in central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, home to six million people, esteemed