Oleg Kaplan: Glass

Photographers seek to transform reality, though any; something in the photo may be beautiful – or terrifying, great or intolerable

Miikka Pirinen: Fight League Kids

When you think of MMA fighters you are likely to envision beefy men who have a whole extra set of

Arturo Soto: When The Time Comes

I am interested in understanding what makes something worth looking at as a picture. This collection of images aims to

Petros Koublis: In Landscapes

The area that surrounds Athens is composed by a certain antithesis, as the vast urban surface meets with the countryside.

Sasha Maslov: Veterans

Veterans is a series of portraits of people who took part in the Second World War – the one event

Fan Shi San: Great Wall

The photos of “Great Wall” were taken during my 4000 miles cycling journey along the Great Wall of China, from

Anjès Gesink: Birds Don’t Cry

Holland-based photographer Anjès Gesink work as a volunteer at a Rotterdam bird shelter (Vogelklas Karel Schot). Birds of all kinds

George Steinmetz: Panama Canal

To accommodate larger vessels and increased maritime traffic, Panama has been building a new pair of locks on both sides

Fabrice Fouillet: World’s Tallest Statues

The photographer Fabrice Fouillet was looking to produce work about symbolism and the cult of personality, but couldn’t find the

Michael Zuhorski: Natural Occurrence and Construction

Michael Zuhorski (born 1992) lives in Detroit Michigan. In 2015 he graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a