Ilya Nodia: Smile

Ilya Nodia is advertising and portrait photographer based Moscor, Russian Federation. In Smile project Ilya shows beautiful and touching photoshooting smiles of old people.

Says Ilya: This summer, the company Senior Group invited me to create with them a small but very touching and beautiful project about the smile. We visited several nursing homes, where for a few hours turned their cozy living in a mobile studio. As you know, the usual schedule was completely disrupted excitement and preparation for our meeting – the terms of flying straw hats elderly ladies were chosen outfits, powdered cheeks and great grandfathers tease their beards and corrected medals. A wonderful experience and a great atmosphere created by the smiles that never grow old. 


Ilya_Nodia-Smile-Photogrvphy_Magazine_01 Ilya_Nodia-Smile-Photogrvphy_Magazine_02 Ilya_Nodia-Smile-Photogrvphy_Magazine_03 Ilya_Nodia-Smile-Photogrvphy_Magazine_04 Ilya_Nodia-Smile-Photogrvphy_Magazine_05 Ilya_Nodia-Smile-Photogrvphy_Magazine_06 Ilya_Nodia-Smile-Photogrvphy_Magazine_07 Ilya_Nodia-Smile-Photogrvphy_Magazine_08