Jati Putra Pratama: Surreal Landscapes

Jati Putra Pratama turns landscape photos into surreal works of art by contorting the scenes to include unusual angles. The

Olga Kaplan: My husband

Theme ‘My husband’ united in a series was made during a year. Olga acts as an absolutely contemporary photographer, but

Probal Rashid: Climate Crisis in Bangladesh

Probal Rashid, a photographer who has documented pollution and Tuberculosis in Bangladesh, where he is based, has turned his lens

Dmitry Markov: Gray Brick Road

By Russian law, in the event that a father fails to perform his duties – sending his child to school

Ho Hai Tran: Pizza Hunt

Ho Hai Tran and his partner Chloe Cahill have traveled over 14,000 kilometers between Australia, New Zealand, and the USA

Pierre Leblanc: The bench

“It couldn’t go on like this. Things were turning for the worse. A long process of destruction had begun. It

Bangkok: Airplanes = Home

In a private field in a neighborhood just east of Bangkok, three impoverished Thai families have been living in disused

Bill Wadman: Dancers In Motion

Bill Wadman is an American portrait photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. His images have been seen on the covers

Justin Jin – Zone of Absolute Discomfort

Little besides dots of nomadic tribes and spectres of Soviet concentration camps haunt the icy desert of the Russian Arctic.

Claudio Rasano: Desolated Tblisi

At first, I wanted to capture desolated life—and the ways in which people reflect their environments. My journey took me