Marta Kochanek: Cognitive Bodies

The aim of the project was to capture a very sensual collaboration of the human’s body and extreme emotions that expresses both the physical and spiritual harmony. It was to immortalise the beauty of shape, the purity of art and the uniqueness of existence.

Photographer’s job was to emotionally connect with the sitters to be able to recognise and understand what feelings each individual person and its connection to the body can express. At the same time each person involved must have had a clear understanding of the Photographers vision that was to deeply concentrate on emotion and the way it can be expressed through the body and its unique language.

Human’s body and its posture disclose both physical and mental mood and state of mind. All good and bad, happy and sad emotions can be read from people’s faces and the way we appear.

Passion / Desire / Excitement / Exhilaration / Pride / Loneliness / Apathy / Hopelessness / Tiredness

The Photographer’s aim was to touch all possible feelings and register a very emotional collaboration between herself as an observer and sitters as acting objects.

Marta Kochanek is a multi – award Commercial and Fine Art Photographer. Her creative talents were firstly expressed in the form of human – sized sculptures as well as small and very detailed designs of perfume bottles she precisely shaped with a scalpel in her hand. It is where Marta’s attention to detail developed. She is a French bulldog owner and addicted coffee drinker. She enjoys Sun and hates discrimination towards women.


Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_01 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_02 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_03 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_04 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_05 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_06 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_07 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_08 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_09 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_10 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_11 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_12 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_13 Marta_Kochanek-Cognitive_Bodies-Photogrvphy_Magazine_14