Sergi Cámara: The Wall of Europe

In northern Morocco there are two coastal cities cut-off from the rest of the African continent. Melilla and Ceuta are

Kevin Frayer: Roof of the World

Kevin Frayer has spent years documenting the daily life and challenges of Tibetan nomads. His stunning body of work captures

Nastasia Faivre: Frenesie/Frenzy

My work is a reflection on contemporary cities and more specifically about the proliferation of modern urban space. To show the frenzy

Shinichi Maruyama: Nude Dancers

Shinichi Maruyama is Japan born photographer who moved to New York in 2003. In Nude series Shinichi tried to capture

Danila Tkachenko: Escape

I travelled in search of people who have decided to escape from social life and live all alone in wild

David Leventi: Opera Houses

The architectural photographer David Leventi probably got a taste of this famous tenor’s words many times in the eight years

Olya Ivanova: Water Memory

The Moscow Canal was built to connect the Moscow River with the Volga River. In the 1930s it helped to

Patrick Kauffmann: Berlin Underground

25 years has passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the symbol of the Cold War. Now the wall

Eduardo Leal: Plastic Trees

The world consumes 1 million every minute, it was consider by Guinness World Book of Records as “the most ubiquitous

Valentino Bellini: Bit rot

Bit rot is a colloquial term used in the computerized information systems environment to indicate the gradually decaying of data