Ekaterina Vasilyeva: Chalk

2 years of living in Canterbury, Kent. Returning home to St. Petersburg. Feeling that something is not done yet. Memory

Aerial Typology of Cruise Ships by Jeffrey Milstein

New York based photographer Jeffrey Milstein at his latest series focused on massive cruise ships. To give them new perspective

Raffaele Petralla: Mari People, a Pagan Beauty

There is a population with Finnish ancestors living in a rural area near Joshkar-ola, in the Republic of Mari-El, Russia.

Alexander Gronsky: Norilsk

Norilsk is an industrial city in Russia north of the Arctic Circle. Built in 1935 by forced labourers of the

Justin Barton: Transnistrian Patriot

The true nature of national identity and our elemental need to bond with patriotism is questioned in the face of

Tamara Dean: The Edge

Tamara Dean’s practice extends across photography, installation and participatory works exploring the relationship between humans and the natural world and

Tasneem Alsultan: Protectors of the Mosque

I am a Saudi woman. Constantly being asked the same questions as: “How is it in Saudi?” “Is it true

An-Sofie Kesteleyn: A Lamb Named Beauty

A Lamb named Beauty shows the life of two twin sisters Kimberly and Gwendolyn. The series started in 2007, when

Michael Weintrob: Instrumenthead

Instrumenthead is a photographic series created to tell the story of the musicians without showing their faces. You’re invited to

Farhad Rahman: Song of a Coast

The sea changes by time. Land lost with reaming past. New story created with a new settlement. Time changes people’s