Dry the clothes have initially been the most common thing in daily life. Walk around Hong Kong’s public housing blocks and old tenement buildings today, and it quickly becomes clear that many residents still hang their clothes outside to dry. Now, as housing prices grow ever more expensive per square

Says Gokce: In Egg yolk series, I wanted to play with figures, textures, and shapes freely in a way that I could sort of mislead the viewer’s perception. I used my still-life photographer reflexes with food photography. This “Egg Yolk” series of mine is a result of this. Egg yolk

Says Sebastián: In the summer of 2019 I set out on a cargo ferry from Punta Arenas to Wulla, the name that the Yagan people gave to Navarino Island prior to the European expeditions of the first half of the 19th century. It brought to mind the imaginary trips I

Says Roman: Depression is one of the most common mental disorders and more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from it. Depression can lead to disability, in the worst case to suicide. The heroes of my series overcame depression of varying degrees of difficulty. These are people sensitive to the

Mountainous Adjara is one of the most distinguished regions of Georgia. The traditions and the old ways of life have been preserved to this day in this area. The isolation and alienation of inhabitants of this mountainous area has been an ongoing issue for a long time. Last several decades

Says Igor: The series is titled after the Augsburg Book of Miracles, a 16th century German illustrated manuscript listing the supernatural phenomena from the Flood to the time of the book’s completion. The events described in the manuscript reveal the involvement of God in the human world. In contrast, I

South Korea, Jeju island, known for its characteristic basalt volcanic rock, sits off South Korea. It is the home of the renowned Haenyeo or women of the sea who free dive off the black shores of Jeju harvesting delicacies from the sea. Wearing thin rubber suits and old fashioned goggles,

Indifferent West is a photographic and video series that investigates the personification of North American identity. The American West and it’s touristic architectural locations are linked to a contemporary landscape as metaphors. Through this project, I photograph the found and sentimental representations of the mythic frontier of the American West.

Says Sergey: Windows series is an attempt to distinguish, to catch and to eternize the intercommunion of City and Man. City is a living organism and all the elements of this organism are in close interaction with one another. City people are like blood cells representing life processes in this

Sophisticated editing tools, popular beauty apps, computer games are shifting our perception of what beauty is. We try to categorize and compartmentalize our world in oppositions: there is the digital and there is the physical; there is the nature and there is the culture. In actuality, none of these elements