Dudinka is one of the northernmost towns on the planet. It also includes villages that are spread across hundreds of kilometres from the centre. It is mainly inhabited by the indigenous peoples of the Taymyr Peninsula – the Dolgans, the Nagasans, the Nenets, the Evenks and the Enets. In the

In this series, Zilberberg creates animal montages as an expression of self-therapy. As a person living in the west, moving through a daily life that is sometimes high-pace and emotionally complex, the artist finds calm in the presence of these wild animals. The animals are placed in serene and ethereal

Says Zeng: This is a series of black and white photographs, taken in China from 2012 to 2018. What here is represented doesn’t aim to be a simple copy of the real world, it reflects my illusions. I call it the collection of my imagination. I use my way to

Says Adam: Deserted village is a story about animals that are no longer natural in the nature, are becoming less and less common in the countryside and do not have their future in our cities. Their fates show the transformation that takes place on our farm, in the whole village

“Divinations” explores the landscape of a holy mountain through the lens of light and chemicals. Using cameraless photography as a medium to bear witness of the sacred and the secular in the natural landscape Weston images are collected photographic relics to be used as interpretable signs and portents. The Spanish

Says Anna: Boundaryland is an ongoing project in which I am feeling blindly for the limits of my perception on two matters: the various takes on humanity’s relationship with nature and “the natural” in modern society, and the confines of photography as a medium for conveying truth. In the Summer

Says Nikita: The flourish of post-truth politics movement eventually leads to people loosing trust in the official sources of information. This is also one of the main reasons why nowadays we can see the development of various conspiracy theories. I was particularly fascinated with one of them – the flat

The series was inspired by public appearances and lectures of science educators like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Michio Kaku, Lawrence Krauss or Brian Green. It seems that their attencion is not only with educating the public but also with planting mindbending thoughts that make you reasses your

Meryachenie or Arctic hysteria is a series of common pathogenesis, but various forms of manifestation of psychopathological conditions provoked by being in the polar regions and characterized by deviations of behavior with twilight loss of consciousness, or an uncontrolled reaction to specific factors unique to the North, which leads a

Empty is a personal project about consumerism as cultural ideology. The project discusses the values of a modern society by depicting empty billboards throughout the world. People are often valued based on their consuming habits. The commonly endorsed view is the more the better, while sustainability and human rights in