15 Great Photos from ‘City’ Category – PhotogrVphy Grant 2016

We bring you a selection of 15 great photos awarded in 2016 edition of PhotogrVphy Grant.

PhotogrVphy Grant is a non-profit initiative run by PhotogrVphy Magazine. It is open for submissions without any fees (free to enter) to support all photographers from every corner of the world.Our idea is to evoke artistic activities. Together, we create space to take creative initiatives and promote new trends in photography. We strive to inspire participants to improve their photographic skills and develop their vision. We believe that each participant has potential and talent waiting to be discovered. PhotogrVphy Grant is a platform that allows you to gain experience and enter the world of professional photography. Artists have the opportunity to push their careers forward and be recognized by art galleries, curators, media, and cultural institutions from all over the world.

2017 edition of PhotogrVphy Grant is accepting entries now, final deadline to submit is August 31th, enter now:

1st Place Winner: Patryk Karbowski – Halfway
2nd Place Winner: Kai Caemmerer – Unborn Cities
3rd Place Winner: Jordi Huisman – Rear Window
Nominee: Aalentina Casalini – Red Velvet
Nominee: Karin Crona – Neither Nor
Nominee: Phuong Duy – Volatile States
Nominee: Adam Friedberg – Single Story
Nominee: Helio Leon – The Purple Room
Nominee: Stefano Miliffi – Une Nouvelle Identite
Nominee: Ricardo Nunes – The Western-Gate
Nominee: Max Sher – Russian Palimpsest
Nominee: Poike Stomps – Crossing Europe
Nominee: Marylise Vigneau – Trouble in Paradise / Havana/ Cuba
Nominee: Chris Garvi – Marseile – Colors I sing
Nominee: Diogo Montes – All paths lead to NYC

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