Moises Saman: Kurdish Fight Against ISIL

In late-November 2014 Moises Saman returned to Iraq to photograph the ongoing Kurdish fight against ISIL. In late-2013 ISIL forces

Jenny Riffle: Scavenger

“There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and

Anastasia Tsayder: 1980 Moscow Olympics

The series looks at the heritage of Moscow 1980 Summer Olympics. The 1980 games became the last bright all nation

Shoccara Marcus: Choreographing My Past

Often when we consider media works of documentary stature, we think in terms like ‘voluminous, detailed, comprehensive, and even exhaustive

Matthias Jung: Surreale Architecture

Collages have fascinated me ever since I was a child. It all began in the photo lab of my father.

Tomasz Gudzowaty: Typhoon Haiyan

Despite the preparations taken shortly before Typhoon Haiyan entered the Philippines, the scale of destruction and the death toll were

Julie de Waroquier: DOPPELGÄNGER

The “imaginary friend” syndrome is an overactive imagination disorder. It consists in creating a reassuring mental companion in order to

Larry Towell: The Russian Front, East Ukraine

After the February 2014 Euromaidan uprising, which brought an end to the Viktor Yanukovych government, Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed

Nick Bowers: Scared Scientists portraits

In his black-and-white photography series “Scared Scientists,” Nick Bowers captures a raw element not often associated with scientific knowledge. For

Patrick Zachmann: Springtime in China

Patrick Zachmann went to Szechwan province in order to finish a photo series for a book and exhibition he is