James Ostrer: Grotesque Junk Food Masks

As part of the Window Project, Gazelli Art House will present the commissioned photographic works by National Portrait Gallery Curator’s

Yves Lemoigne: Sport – Training Athletes Portraits

Jean-Yves Lemoigne is a French photographer living between New-York and Paris. He works with the top creatives agencies in the world

Dillon Marsh: For What It’s Worth – Copper

Whether they are active or long dormant, mines speak of a combination of sacrifice and gain. Their features are crude,

Martin Klimas: Sound Sculptures

At his ‘Sound Sculptures’ series Martin Klimas explores the boundaries of sound and image. Drops of multicolored paint placed on

John Crawford: Aerial Nudes

Auckland based John Crawford is one of New Zealand’s best known photographers. His portfolio of commissioned and uncommissioned works is

Massimo Vitali: Beaches

Massimo Vitali series of Italian beach panoramas began in the light of drastic political changes in Italy. Massimo started to

Jorge Cervera Hauser: Underwater Photography

Jorge Cervera Hauser is executive producer at Calypso Media, co-director at Pelagic Life, and producer of the award winning documentary

Herbert Böttcher: Seamotion

Herbert Böttcher was born 1962 in Rietberg, Germany. The Dipl.-Designer lives in Duesseldorf and works since 1993 as a freelance

Ward Roberts: Billions – Multiple Exposures of Hong Kong Architecture

Ward Roberts is a conceptual artist who creates exquisitely composed photographs drawing on themes such as loneliness and isolation in

Eirik Johnson: Barrow Cabins

These pictures depict seasonal hunting cabins built by the native Inupiat inhabitants of Barrow, Alaska as seen through the extremes