Anjès Gesink: Birds Don’t Cry

Holland-based photographer Anjès Gesink work as a volunteer at a Rotterdam bird shelter (Vogelklas Karel Schot). Birds of all kinds

George Steinmetz: Panama Canal

To accommodate larger vessels and increased maritime traffic, Panama has been building a new pair of locks on both sides

Fabrice Fouillet: World’s Tallest Statues

The photographer Fabrice Fouillet was looking to produce work about symbolism and the cult of personality, but couldn’t find the

Michael Zuhorski: Natural Occurrence and Construction

Michael Zuhorski (born 1992) lives in Detroit Michigan. In 2015 he graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a

Albrecht Tübke: Landscapes with flying objects

A majestic vista unfolds as far as the eye can see. Tuscan hills, dappled with snow and caressed by wispy

Alex Webb: India Spice

Spices are no longer the impetus of conquest and colonization they once were, but they continue to suffuse cuisines worldwide.

Tobias Hutzler: New York From Above

For German photographer Tobias Hutzler, Memorial Day is the perfect example of what makes New York so attractive. “I’m fascinated

Claudio Rasano: South Africa

Series shows the hard side of life in South Africa using portraits and landscapes. Portraits are frontal taken at eye

Michael Wolf: Paris Rooftops

Having lived in Hong Kong since the 1990s and having photographed mostly in Asia, Wolf took in his new Parisian

Beth Moon: Diamond Nights

As night falls over the Makgadigadi Pans, large trees stand starkly against the horizon, leafless branches reach for the light.