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We are proud to announce the GP Winner and the Finalists of ours 2020 Talent of the Year photo contest!

We are delighted to announce the Winners of our 2019 International Photography Grant! International Photography Grant awards $1000 annually to

Says Michele: Monte Terminillo is a massif in the Monti Reatini, part of the Apennine range in central Italy. It

Says Stepan: Simplification is a visual research in which I am discovering how do different-colored objects affect on the perception of

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Cornucopia (horn of plenty) is an artistic research on the Lassithi plateau’s elusive identity. Lassithi plateau, situated at 840m ASL

When The Southeastern Anatolia Project in Turkey started, the perspective was improving people’s lives through sustainable development. The Ilısu Dam

Says Giuseppe: On this side of the river is a study of my native Land, along Ofanto’s river bank. Geographically


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Giulio Di Sturco (b.1979, Italy) is a visual artist based in London. He studied at the European Institute of Design

Dasha Chegarovskaya – fine art photographer from Moldova. Website: How did you get interested in photography? Do you have an educational

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Late in the 19th century, Paris hosted two major international expositions: the 1889 Universal Exposition, was held to mark the

Apollo 1, initially designated AS-204, was the first manned mission of the United States Apollo program, which had as its

Otto Pfenninger (5 April 1855 – 20 March 1929) was a founding member of the Swiss Photographers Association (1886) and


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Judgment comes easy, but sometimes life doesn’t. Taking a stance on quick opinions before trying to understand is a default that comes from the separation and lack of communication between different paths of life, different backgrounds, different futures. But it is precisely the future that can change if we slow

In Russia, people have a lot of prejudice towards people with mental disorders. They are not considered full-fledged people with abilities to learn and socialize, they stay unemployed. But there is a place where everything is different. Svetlana is a unique social village in Russia, Leningrad Oblast. This Сamphill gives