The series was inspired by public appearances and lectures of science educators like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Michio Kaku, Lawrence Krauss or Brian Green. It seems that their attencion is not only with educating the public but also with planting mindbending thoughts that make you reasses your

Meryachenie or Arctic hysteria is a series of common pathogenesis, but various forms of manifestation of psychopathological conditions provoked by being in the polar regions and characterized by deviations of behavior with twilight loss of consciousness, or an uncontrolled reaction to specific factors unique to the North, which leads a

Empty is a personal project about consumerism as cultural ideology. The project discusses the values of a modern society by depicting empty billboards throughout the world. People are often valued based on their consuming habits. The commonly endorsed view is the more the better, while sustainability and human rights in

This series presents images of ephemeral interventions carried out on glass, oscillating between painting, sculpture and photography. Emprise could be literally translated to grip or under influence. The work around this series was born from a formal and visual desire. Flowers are attached to a glass window with adhesive tape.

Precious Things is an ongoing series that reflects on the contours of materialistic desire and its relationship with the pursuit of happiness. Even when less visible, the presence of technologies as well as our interactions with consumer objects is a constant that transforms our living environment, creating new visual landscapes

The diptychs in MEANDERS are two parts of one single situation. One side symbolizes the architecture of residential buildings, whereas the other represents a human figure caught in an intimate moment. In the images, as a continuous surface, the architectural body expands and become a human body, and vice-versa: both

About her project says Yuliya: What happens with children who didn’t suffer any traumatic experiences? How will they grow up? In my project, I tried to show the future society where children grow up in a closed institution. A perfect life, perfect environment and education…Is it way to the perfect

Brain Matters is a photographic essay being created as part of the ongoing multimedia project A Life Electric, that seeks to explore humanity in the spaces between controlled and uncontrolled epilepsy through the lens of experience and culture. In Brain Matters, I look at different brain states. Epilepsy is a

Says Bowei: Beneath the obscure boundary of reality and illusion, what always attracts me is the self-reflection in my tentative work in which I attempt to penetrate into a deeper layer of people’s psychic world, or from other perspective, mine. I was born and raised in a traditional Chinese Christian family

An Interlude In Blue is a body of work that portrays the female figure in personal spaces enclosed in a world of silence and desire, touching upon themes of loneliness, isolation and alienation in modern life. Inspired by the “Hopperesque” world, these series seek to engage the viewer in a