Hiroo Fujitani: The Lyric Poetry to a Cat

Says Hiroo: “I explore shooting a cat for capturing a moment like with lyric, emotional or an arresting sight on this series. I think that there are in which is like as a typical expression with my vision to a cat including invisible things. I show a part of these photographs that are the lyric poetry or ballad images are as follows.”

The series “The Lyric Poetry to a Cat” won 1st place award in 2nd Fine Art Photography Awards (Open Category, Amateur).

“I was born in Tokyo. I brought up my boyhood in Hokkaido, the north of Japan. In my twenties, I began to work a regular job, I bought Nikon reflex with zoom lens for travel and a few books of photography. I went to evening school of photography after my job everyday for the year and a half. I was interested in the lectures, especially for me, photo history and darkroom lesson using a black and white film. I often went to street my holiday every week for photo. I experienced an unpaid assistant of commercial photographer. This looks quite enough for me though it was just in a short period. That may be a valuable experience. I photograph for myself at present. Black & White has been fascinated with me until now.”

Website: hiro-foto.velvet.jp

Hiroo_Fujitani-The_Lyric_Poetry_to_a_Cat-Photogrvphy_Magazine_01 Hiroo_Fujitani-The_Lyric_Poetry_to_a_Cat-Photogrvphy_Magazine_02 Hiroo_Fujitani-The_Lyric_Poetry_to_a_Cat-Photogrvphy_Magazine_03 Hiroo_Fujitani-The_Lyric_Poetry_to_a_Cat-Photogrvphy_Magazine_04 Hiroo_Fujitani-The_Lyric_Poetry_to_a_Cat-Photogrvphy_Magazine_05 Hiroo_Fujitani-The_Lyric_Poetry_to_a_Cat-Photogrvphy_Magazine_06 Hiroo_Fujitani-The_Lyric_Poetry_to_a_Cat-Photogrvphy_Magazine_07 Hiroo_Fujitani-The_Lyric_Poetry_to_a_Cat-Photogrvphy_Magazine_08