Jim Kazanjian: Anomalies

Says Jim: My images are digitally generated composites built from public domain photographs found online. Through a palimpsest-like layering process

Vladimir Seleznev: Oseyev

Oseyev is the abandoned city in Russian Federation. It was designed as an innovative housing cluster based on the concept

Janie Julien-Fort: Ephemerals Landscapes

The artist makes use of a technique called solargraphy—a photographic process requiring exposure times that often span several months. Attached

Clea Rekhou: Monsieur

Many stories have been told about domestic violence, but we have been excluding one key character from the conversation. Men.

Deng Jiayun: The Better Life

Says Deng: The series on going in regard of the largest group of Chinese immigrants in Paris, France– the wenzhounese.

Miltiadis Igglezos: Ithaca

This ongoing project is about traveling, in a both literal and metaphorical sense. According to Homer, Ithaca was Ulysses’ motherland,

Karol Palka: Edifice

Edifice is a visual journey back to a time most people would like to forget. Karol Pałka documents buildings that

Gabriela Iancu: Experiences from the Outside World

Experiences from the Outside World is a photographic still-life study that investigates the symphonic aliveness and the fragile interconnectedness of

Nicola Muirhead: The Last Place On Earth

‘The Last Place on Earth’ is a multi-chaptered narrative that seeks to explore the complex identities and cultural inheritance of

Will Harris: Evelyn Beckett

About his project says Will: In this work I confront the complexities of my Nana, Evelyn Beckett’s dementia, by fabricating