Inner Disruptions is a project with indigenous women from different communities and ethnic groups of the department of Vaupés, in colombian amazon. After a close encounter with each one of them I used their life’s stories in order to put together in each case a different prosthesis which extends, limits,

Says Agnieszka: “Crystal Abyss” is long-term visual art project. I have realized it between the years 2017-2019. During this time I untertook the different stages of the project. I started it during Long Island Artist Residency in Averøya in Norway in 2017 and main implementation I realized in 2018 during

The Second is a project about the increasing number of polygynous marriages in Tajikistan. Polygyny is a patriarchal practice which refers to the marriage of one man to two or more wives at a time. „A woman without a husband is nothing here.“ Says Schore: After years of Soviet domination

Le Nuvole (Clouds) is a photographic project based on a reflection about the relationship between historical memory and the present, about the actual distribution systems of video contents on Youtube platform. Says Massimiliano: I took images that I shot some years ago in Palmyra, the Syrian archaeological site that was

Says Masato: The Wintertag (winter day) series is one of the winter landscapes in Japan. This series is an ongoing project, starting in January 2014. These are photos at the foot of Mount Fuji and my hometown (central Kanagawa prefecture / An area along the Sagami River). The Lake Yamanaka


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This photographic long-term ongoing project invites you to discover the work of a Swiss photographer living in Southern Iran, fascinated

Mursi People is a series of photos that were taken during my visit to Ethiopia and are part of the

“I didn’t know why I was photographing gypsies, but I did know that I was building something and that I

Says Luciano: Utopia, dystopia, atopia, heterotopia… I decided to coin my own fancy word inspired by Foucault’s concept of heterotopia

Says Snezhana: I got to know Sofie, 19 jars old girl with Down Syndrom, in the autumn of 2017. She’d

Murmansk is the largest city in the polar circle. 310 thousand people lived there in 1971. In 20 years the


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We are delighted to announce the Winners of our 2019 International Photography Grant! International Photography Grant awards $1000 annually to

Says Michele: Monte Terminillo is a massif in the Monti Reatini, part of the Apennine range in central Italy. It


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In Russia, people have a lot of prejudice towards people with mental disorders. They are not considered full-fledged people with

Blooming flowers are in the most unstable position in the course of life’s activities that repeat life and death. It


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Photochroms of Paris (1890s – 1900s)

Late in the 19th century, Paris hosted two major international expositions: the 1889 Universal Exposition, was held to mark the


Apollo 1 Mission (1966-1967)

Apollo 1, initially designated AS-204, was the first manned mission of the United States Apollo program, which had as its